Stage 1 - Appraisal and Definition of the Project

The purpose of this stage is to appraise and report on the project requirements with particular regard to site information, planning, statutory requirements and all general procedures to be adopted on the project.     More

Stage 2 - Concept Design

The purpose of this stage is to prepare budget based on design of the project in sufficient detail to test the feasibility of the Project, obtain approval from the Client and refine the scope of work.     More

Stage 3 - Design Development

The purpose of this stage is to resolve all design, planning, operational, technical and services co-ordination requirements and prepare a comprehensive Project Cost Plan to satisfy all essential elements of the Project and obtain the necessary statutory authority and client approvals.     More

Stage 4 - Approvals and Technical Documentation

The purpose of this stage is to provide all necessary contractual and technical documentation and cost control for the execution/construction of the Project.     More

Stage 5 - Contract Administration

The purpose of this stage is to provide appropriate financial management and controls to monitor the actual cost aspects of the Project against the approved cost plan estimate (''approved budget'') and prepare and agree final accounts as the work proceeds.     More

Stage 6 - Inspection and Monitoring

Verification of all Contractors running bills and preparation of payment certificates.Checking and measuring of executed quantities at sites on behalf of the Client.Prepare schedules of predicted cash flows, including those for professional fees.     More


- Study of all project documents such as initial and current project budgets, contracts agreements, drawings, verifications of measurements, rates, quality and auditing reports.

-Qty reconciliations and variations on all owner supplied materials such as cement, steel, floor tiles, fixtures etc etc.

-Peer Review of all major cost expenditures- whether justified or not?

- Analysis on variations between submitted Business Cost Plan and Current Projections.

-Whether the Project Expenditures were rightly made and at the prevailing market rate?.

- Review of Process of Awards of All Contract Packages - Pre Qualification,Tendering process, Comparative analysis and final award strategy

- Peer Review of documents for Leasing/ selling of commercial property to understand if there is any linkage with the property owners and if any mutual benefit have been   passed to them.

- Review of FSI split between the Plot Co- Owners and sharing of financial and regulatory liabilities.


- Preparing query list and submitting to the client.

- Obtaining all necessary inputs and compilation of all datas.

- Visiting the project site as required and deputing engineers for verification process.

- Preparation of valuation report and submitting in required no. of copies.