Stage 1 - Appraisal and Definition of the Project

The purpose of this stage is to appraise and report on the project requirements with particular regard to site information, planning, statutory requirements and all general procedures to be adopted on the project.

Core Services:

  • After receipt of confirmation of appointment/instructions from the Client, we advise on various courses of action and procedures to suit the particular requirements of the Project.
  • Prepare an initial broad cost estimate of the Project works to establish cost parameters.
  • Liaise, co-operate and provide necessary information within the agreed scope of the Project to the Project Manager and other Consultants.
  • Study Client brief, appraise and prepare a report with regard to costs and programme.
  • Review with Project Manager contracting methods and tender procedures.
  • Agree with the Project Manager preliminary documentation programme.
  • Report regarding calculation of areas and space parameters / norms.
  • Report on and recommend appropriate courses of action.
  • Conduct necessary value assessments relative to all aspects of the Project.
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