Stage 2 - Concept Design

The purpose of this stage is to prepare budget based on design of the project in sufficient detail to test the feasibility of the Project, obtain approval from the Client and refine the scope of work.

Core Services:

  • Update the initial Project Cost Plan of the works.
  • Prepare an initial broad cost estimate of the Project works to establish cost parameters.
  • Liaise, co-operate and provide necessary information within the agreed scope of the Project to the Project Manager and other Consultants.
  • Review and evaluate design concepts and report on compliance with approved cost plan in conjunction with all Consultants.
  • Review areas and space parameters / norms against the initial brief and report thereon.
  • Review financial viability study with the Architect and Project Manager and report to the Client.
  • Refine documentation programme with Project Manager.
  • Attend project meetings convened by the Project Managers.
  • Prepare monthly Cost Report, which will be presented to the Client in regular Cost Report Meetings.
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