Stage 3 - Design Development

The purpose of this stage is to resolve all design, planning, operational, technical and services co-ordination requirements and prepare a comprehensive Project Cost Plan to satisfy all essential elements of the Project and obtain the necessary statutory authority and client approvals.

Core Services:

  • Update/Prepare final Project Cost Plan of the Project works, providing other cost advices as may be reasonably required, and submit to the Client for approval.
  • Assist the design consultants with financial design criteria advice.
  • Comment on areas and space parameters / norms.
  • Comment on the costs of proposed design development details.
  • Review financial viability study and report to the Client thereon.
  • Liaise, co-operate and provide the necessary information to the Project Manager and other Consultants.
  • Attend design/professional team meetings convened by the Project Manager.
  • Review Documentation Programme with the Project Manager.
  • Advise and assist in preparing necessary value engineering and life cycle cost reports as required.
  • Prepare monthly Cost Report, which will be presented to the Client in regular Cost Report Meetings.
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